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Explore seamless tokenisation across the leading tokenisation protocols in the BSV ecosystem.

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What’s included


Token service API

Our token service API supports token creation, transferring and managing the full token lifecycle directly from your business applications. Our agnostic token solution is linked to technically audited token protocols adapted to your needs.


Token Studio

Explore our token service API features from the comfort of a GUI interface. The Token Studio provides a seamless experience in allowing you to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens.


TAAL Web3 Wallet

Connect a wallet for signing transactions and managing keys whilst not compromising on security. Our open source wallet is compatible with the token platform solution and can be use by other wallets and applications to ensure compatibility of your tokens.


Token Wizard

New to tokenisation? We have you covered by our Token Wizard with its built in AI helping you to choose the best solution for your business needs.


Token platform solution overview

See below an example of how our customers use our token platform solution to create and manage their digital assets.

Token platform solution overview

Features and characteristics

Agnostic token solution

Our token platform solutions index different token protocols to best suit your needs.

Technically audited token protocols

We only propose to our customers token protocols with a robust technical infrastructure.

Technical solution adapted to business needs

Guided support in managing tokenisation requirements, support in finding best protocol for particular use-case.

Compatible with our Taal web3 wallet

To facilitate the adoption of the tokens you build, our token platform solution is compatible with our Taal web3 wallet reference implementation used by other wallets.

24/7 support on token protocols

Integrated token protocol support with a 24/7 coverage by our teams.

Ask our devs

Feel free to join our Discord channel to ask any questions to our developers and our connected commerce community.

Need an enterprise plan to run your custom token platform solution?

Need an enterprise plan to run your custom token platform solution?